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How do you handle Covid-19?
Click here to read all about our current Covid-19 measures. We follow all governmental measures and will adjust our way of working accordingly. All information on the Covid-19 page supersedes our normal way of working. We kindly ask for your understanding.


How can I pay in your webshop and store?
In our web shop, you can pay by credit card, iDEAL (The Netherlands) or Bancontact (Belgium).
In our store, you can only pay by card, or use a FEST gift voucher. We do not take cash. 

Do you sell gift vouchers?
Yes, we do! The FEST gift vouchers are only valid in-store and can only be bought in our stores. You can choose from the amount of €10, €25 and €50.

I have bought an accessory on your webshop, but I would like to return it. How do I return something to you?
Notice us within 14 days after receiving your order that you wish to return your purchase. Send an email to We’ll send you a returns label.

Place the undamaged item in the original package and make sure it’s securely packed. Don’t forget to include the original invoice and the returns form in your returns parcel.
Send the item to the address you received from us within 14 days. We highly recommend sending by registered mail.

As soon as we have received your package in a suitable condition we will transfer the purchase amount (excluding shipping costs) to your account. This can take up to 14 days.

I have bought an accessory in your webshop. Is it possible to return it in your store?
Yes, that is possible. You can return the item within 14 days after receiving it. The item needs to be packed in the original package and you need to be able to hand in the Delivery Note.

we will transfer the purchase amount to your account. We don’t have cash in store to refund the amount immediately.

I have bought an accessory in your store. Is it possible to return it in your store?
Yes, that’s possible. You can return or exchange the item within 14 days after purchase. You need to be able to hand in the original receipt, the product needs to be undamaged and packed in its original packaging.


What are the shipping costs for the accessories and furniture in The Netherlands and abroad?
You can find all of the shipping information at

When can I expect my order to arrive?
Accessories will be delivered within 1 working day.
Delivery of furniture depends on the product you wish to order. Please check the product description of the furniture of your choice in our webshop. The delivery timing will start when we’ve received the initial deposit.

Is it possible to place a rush order on a sofa?
No, unfortunately, that is not possible. The factory really needs the time to produce the sofa to all of your wishes. There’s no possible way to make this process go faster.

My sofa is ready but I don't have room for it yet. Is it possible to temporarily store the sofa?
You can store your sofa in our supply room free of charge for one month. After one month, we will charge storage costs. The amount we charge depends on the size of the sofa.


I have seen a nice sofa in your store. Is it possible to buy the showroom model and let it deliver immediately?
No, that is not possible. When you’re interested in one of the showroom models you’ll have to let us know and we will contact you when we’ll rearrange our showroom.

I’ve got one of your sofas at home. Is it possible to extend this one with new modules?
Yes, that is possible but we do not recommend it. There’s a risk the colours will not completely match.

I am interested in one of your sofa’s but I’m not pleased about the filling. Is it possible to change the filling?
No, that is not possible. Maybe one of our other sofas will suit your preferences.

Is it possible to choose different supporting legs on the sofa?
No, that is not possible unless it’s mentioned in the product information (e.g. Kate sofa).


I have bought an item at one of your selling points but I’ve received the wrong/a damaged product. What do I need to do?
Please contact the store you have bought the item from. They’d like to help you any further.

I have bought an item at one of your selling points but it’s starting to show defects. What do I need to do?
Please contact the store you bought the item from. They’d like to help you any further.

I have bought an item on your webshop or in the FEST Amsterdam store, but it’s starting to show defects. What do I need to do?
Please send an email to as soon as possible and include the following:

- a short description of the problem

- clear photos of the problem (when there’s a damage issue)

- your order number

- the name on which the order is placed

Based on the photos you send us, we will decide if an independent service company will be able to solve the complaint. If that’s the case, someone will come by as soon as possible and the costs will be on our account.

When the problem turns out to be about regular signs of use, the costs of the visit will be charged to your account. Most of the times we will be able to tell this based on the photos you’ve sent us. But if you’re convinced and you certainly want to see a technician you’re free to let him come by. But if he shares our opinion the costs will be charged to your account.

Will the fabric of my sofa stay this firm?
No, just like a pair of jeans the fabric will stretch out when it’s in use. Creases and wrinkles are part of the product features. Furthermore, the filling of the sofa (mainly on the part you sit on) will always lose some volume. This is also part of the product features.


I came across a beautiful fabric on your website. If I order a sofa upholstered in that fabric, will I get the exact same colour as promised on the website?
The colour samples on our website are just an indication. In real life, the colour could be slightly different from what you’ve seen online. Therefore, we highly recommend to always go and check out the colour in store or request a swatch.

Will my leather sofa come in the exact same colour as the swatch or showroom model?
We work with unpainted leather. It's a natural product, and for that reason, we will never be able to promise you that your sofa will get the exact same colour as the swatch or showroom model.

I would like to order fabric samples. What do I need to do?
You can order up to a maximum of 5 samples to find out which one matches your style the most. You can send an email to to let us know which fabric samples you’d like to receive and the address we’ll have to send it to.

Do you also upholster sofas that are not bought at Fest Amsterdam?
No, sorry!

Is it possible to let the furniture impregnate to prevent the stains?
Yes, it is possible to treat our fabric furniture (no leather) with Protexx Textile Protector. A Protexx treatment guarantees 5 years of service to keep your furniture free of the stains. The costs depend on the size of the item and will be calculated during the order. The Protexx service is available in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. 


I am looking for a job or an internship. Where to can I send my application?
We are a growing company and we’ve often got vacancies. You can find them on our website. Directed and open applications can be sent to

I am a designer/photographer/stylist and I would like to join creative forces and/or to share my portfolio with you. Who do I contact?
You can send your motivation and an impression of your previous work to

I am a reseller or wholesaler and I would like to buy-and-sell FEST Amsterdam products. Who do I need to contact?
You can send an email to in which you give more information about your company.


When you provide personal information or make a payment on our website, this is done via a secure connection. We have our systems up-to-date protected against intrusion, viruses and other attacks. FEST Amsterdam B.V. respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information you provide will be treated confidentially.

Your data is used by us to conduct the orders as quickly and easily as possible. For the rest, we will use this information only with your permission.

what happens with your details?
If you place an order, we need your name, email address, delivery address and payment information to complete your order and to keep you informed about its progress.

To make shopping with us as pleasant as possible, we store your personal information and the details regarding your order and the use of our services, with your consent. This allows us to optimize the usability of our website.

With your permission we use your data to inform you about developments of the website and about special offers and promotions. If you no longer wish to be informed, you can let us know by sending an email.

Data on use of our website and the feedback we receive from our visitors help us to further develop our website and improve.

Fest Amsterdam B.V. does not sell your personal information to third parties and will make them available only to parties that are involved in processing your order. Our employees and all involved third parties are required to respect the confidentiality of your data.

We possibly use cookies. The data we collect with this will remain completely anonymous. With these data, the identity of visitors can not be established. The data are not linked to personal data. You can at any time reject the future collection and storage of data.

Our customer service will help you further if you need information about your data or if you want to change. If a change of our privacy policy is needed, you will always find the most recent information on this page.

If you have any more questions about our privacy policy please send us an email at